Favorites Poetry


I’ve filled myself in the wrong way,

Like a failed crossword puzzle –

Let me start over.

Tell me, why should I care about should?

And why would I care about would?

I honestly don’t, and never did –

Maybe I, perhaps with some prompting,

Have just convinced myself that I do.

Can I retire from language and from sight?

I’d like to just be again.

2 replies on “Tongue-tired”

My God !!1 I associate with that; I have been there recently: all the ‘shoulds’ and ‘woulds’– it’s never ending, going down the rabbit hole of blame; very well done; you know what got me in, made me want to read on? the stunning, enticing, enigmatic opening !!

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Oh gosh, thank you! The simile in the opening sums up a variety of subtle feelings for me.
Yeah – it’s the cycle of rumination and self-blame getting in the way of being able to simply perceive and accept what is truly necessary and actually desired. Just putting it into words is relieving. Glad you could relate!

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