A couple of numbers stick with me:

86, 343 –

Don’t know why these numbers I always see,

But the latter is 7 to the power of 3.

I am not seeking divination;

No number can ever provide salvation;

It’s just a simple observation

Of pattern, as well as multiplication.


Who Will Blaze the Frosty Trail?

What do I do with myself?

It isn’t easy to say –

I’ve lived only a little while;

None of my hairs are grey.

I haven’t seen many loved ones pass,

Nor has there been one gone before me

To trail blaze the wilderness ahead,

Clear footprints graciously forming.

Good King Wenceslas had a good page

Who tread in his footsteps boldly

It seems my King has left His footsteps too,

But it feels I am looked upon coldly –

While I was busy

Not knowing what I knew,

Gusts of thick snow

Swiftly over the footprints blew.



With one glance seduce every soul do I,

In a trance take in my big eyes you do.

Most marketable and awe-worthy am I;

Offer up silver sacrifices for me the foolish mortals do.

If loyal to me you eternally be,

Then you are not of the few;

If resist my charms resolutely you do,

Strong in the Force are you.

Favorites Poetry


I skip along the stretch of beach and step upon a stone,

I pick it up, skip it on the tousled waters –

I’m most together when I’m alone.

Turning over weathered clam shell fragments,

Never know what I’ll find –

Maybe someday I’ll find a treasure

And be worthy to call it all mine.

Deep periwinkle, royal purple –

Whatever be the hue,

It’s not the amount, but the intensity

That lends its value.

Quality over quantity –

I think that’s my favorite rule;

Evaluating wampum

Is not a job for any fool.