Parallel, perpendicular; Opposite, adjecent

Fascinating, to learn what one intersection creates, when two lines happen to meet –

Opposite angles find themselves ironically congruent, whether reflected or rotated,

And, as I have been taught, adjacents are complimentary – just one degree more, and we’d agree it’d be too much;

At that point, they’d be getting far too obtuse for their own good.

But, if lines align just right,

It all equates, divvied up so fairly – how convenient it must be!

Being perpendicular comes with those perks.

In the meantime, those parallels apparently have nothing in common (besides the plane that they share), no point of concurrence or unique angles formed by them,

No rays radiating from the center –

Only arrows to infinity in the same two directions, never skewed, never bent, no new leanings of any sort –

At least that we can observe.