Creative Writing

The cameo girl with the diamond heart

Is a Renaissance woman, possessed by art –

Devoted to life, in the tiniest sparks,

In the hands of haunted children, in lakes that house the stars

That swim in the glinting eyes of fish

That swim in the shallows of the spirit,

Which slosh and float ticklingly under my skin,

Which glows an ember, blood crimson in my fingertips

Aglow from the flashlight of a phone.

Creative Writing Poetry


If you can’t win at cards while playing fair

Try your hand at solitaire!

But even then, you’ll still get stuck –

That’s right – what a bunch of rotten luck.

What cards I’ve dealt are all face down;

What I do I’ve hardly known.

By choice I’ve made the game this way

And it isn’t one smidge more easy to play.


I jumped on a bandwagon

I gave Magnetic Poetry a try since it looked fun from what some others were posting.

Here are some outcomes – I strung choice words together and left out the ones I didn’t want.

I don’t mind if these aren’t actually considered poems – again, it was for fun, right?

And a bonus one:

Favorites Poetry

Shoes on floors, indoors

I tend to keep my shoes on –

And goodness knows what for.

It appears as though I’ll soon go out

Or have just come through the door.

No – I’ve been inside for hours

And haven’t gone to any places;

I’m just lazy and don’t particularly care

To go untie my laces.

Favorites Poetry

…with a what now?

My teacher told me to draw with a twig –

And so, I shall write with my nose;

Paint with my eyelashes,

Sing with my ears,

And read with the tips of my toes.