Favorites Poetry

Kiku Sushi / 聞く

Kiku Sushi –

Where friends run;

Stomachs, souls, and cellphones charged,

All for the price of one.

The window happened to go both ways;

The world and restaurant on the tiredest of days,

Of weeks, months, years –

(Let’s be honest), of decades.

The memories that we made

Might’ve been tinted, clouded, greyed;

Sincerely, I hope the afternoon sunlight shed

Didn’t make your night grow darker or more decayed.

Sleep tight, my friend, then I shall.

Favorites Poetry


I skip along the stretch of beach and step upon a stone,

I pick it up, skip it on the tousled waters –

I’m most together when I’m alone.

Turning over weathered clam shell fragments,

Never know what I’ll find –

Maybe someday I’ll find a treasure

And be worthy to call it all mine.

Deep periwinkle, royal purple –

Whatever be the hue,

It’s not the amount, but the intensity

That lends its value.

Quality over quantity –

I think that’s my favorite rule;

Evaluating wampum

Is not a job for any fool.