Creative Writing

Writing in the dust

I stumble across writing in the dust,

And in my foolishness I wish it was a message from You.

You know my heart, and know my sin

Of looking for a sign in emptiness,

So I am humbled, but still wish most of all

That You’d speak to me, and tell me

That You are near.

You inscribed on stone and people strayed,

You traced words in the dust, and drove men away.

I want to be engraved on your palms,

For us to walk by each other’s side,

Bound more than a body to soul.

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If you can’t win at cards while playing fair

Try your hand at solitaire!

But even then, you’ll still get stuck –

That’s right – what a bunch of rotten luck.

What cards I’ve dealt are all face down;

What I do I’ve hardly known.

By choice I’ve made the game this way

And it isn’t one smidge more easy to play.

Poetry Thoughts and Entries


I found a beetle in the boat, laying flat on his back, wiggling his meaty, spindly legs in the air, trying to grasp something – anything – to right his shiny, swollen body.

Slowly, he stopped straining and scrambling on the carpeted floor of the docked pontoon and just lay there, little feet in the air.

He reminded me of myself when I try Pilates.


I thought, sympathetically.


Parallel, perpendicular; Opposite, adjecent

Fascinating, to learn what one intersection creates, when two lines happen to meet –

Opposite angles find themselves ironically congruent, whether reflected or rotated,

And, as I have been taught, adjacents are complimentary – just one degree more, and we’d agree it’d be too much;

At that point, they’d be getting far too obtuse for their own good.

But, if lines align just right,

It all equates, divvied up so fairly – how convenient it must be!

Being perpendicular comes with those perks.

In the meantime, those parallels apparently have nothing in common (besides the plane that they share), no point of concurrence or unique angles formed by them,

No rays radiating from the center –

Only arrows to infinity in the same two directions, never skewed, never bent, no new leanings of any sort –

At least that we can observe.


Storm warning

It was drizzling, then snizzling, now blizzarding full blast –

Near two full days of delightful fluff is the frightful forecast.

So, if you so happen to head eastward toward river and shore,

Bumping down the road once more,

Take care and please don’t get trapped under an avalanche.

Thank you.


Put Away Your Phone

Put away the phone, they say.

Your eyesight will start to wither away;

You don’t want to wear eyeglasses

Before your fiftieth birthday.

Your vision will slowly fade to black

And your ears will try to make up for the lack 

Of light striking your retina.

You’ll hear the crawling of sticky spider legs

And the hoarse breathing of the man on the corner who begs,

Birds laying eggs,

Workmen hammering pegs,

People in McFadden’s Saloon downing kegs upon kegs.

Your ears will receive sensations that will drive you mad;

You’ll go batty and wacky and become oh so sad.

PLEASE, don’t stare at your phone, it’s bad;

It’s not worth it-

Don’t be like your dad.

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Shoes on floors, indoors

I tend to keep my shoes on –

And goodness knows what for.

It appears as though I’ll soon go out

Or have just come through the door.

No – I’ve been inside for hours

And haven’t gone to any places;

I’m just lazy and don’t particularly care

To go untie my laces.

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…with a what now?

My teacher told me to draw with a twig –

And so, I shall write with my nose;

Paint with my eyelashes,

Sing with my ears,

And read with the tips of my toes.



With one glance seduce every soul do I,

In a trance take in my big eyes you do.

Most marketable and awe-worthy am I;

Offer up silver sacrifices for me the foolish mortals do.

If loyal to me you eternally be,

Then you are not of the few;

If resist my charms resolutely you do,

Strong in the Force are you.