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I tried flying away but dissolved into static

Wandering the streets, I paused to ask a bystander a question. It must have been a stupid one, because I was turned away feeling ridiculed.

I don’t belong here, I realized – I don’t belong here, because it’s a dream.

If I am the dreamer, why am I out of place?

Somehow, the world that I’ve fashioned for myself does not welcome me.

Thoughts and Entries

Thoughts in Autumn

I think that the trees are happy in autumn. Their heavy cloaks are cast off, and their lanky, springy arms stretch a little higher than before. Their simple forms are on delightful view – branches pierce the cold air, and brown bark starkly contrasts with the frosted sky of the season. Moreover, they have sweet rest; rest from the hasty making and consuming of food, and instead live contentedly on wealth already stored up. They will soon exist in numb half-consciousness that renders the weighty, cold snow not a burden, but a divine embrace; a heavenly, chilling covering in exchange for a green, earthly one.

Gustav Fjaestad, Hoarfrost and Stars

As everything boils down

We probe for what the solution could be

To such a brewing, upheaved tragedy;

On position and skin the throng chimes in

With rancor and chaos, counting out sin.

No, this is not good. This is not the right thing

To be looking to men to solve everything.

They can’t, and they won’t, and they never will

Make strivings cease or fears to be still.

While flaming boils fester, the rot is of the heart –

We won’t be satisfied until the clouds part.

Will we escape from this inexorable era?

Can life be extracted once lost in the web?

Vision’s soul is crushed without consideration or pity.